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13.865 de apartamente la tIMOn, in Piata Constitutiei
Scris de verde pe 19-09-2008

casa popIncepand de ieri, in Piaţa Constituţiei se desfăşoară ediţia de toamnă-iarnă a Târgului Imobiliar Naţional. tIMOn îşi va închide porţile pe 21 septembrie, timp în care expoziţia este deschisă între orele 10.00 şi 19.00, iar intrarea este gratuită.

Peste 50 de companii imobiliare parcicipa la tIMOn pentru a-şi expune ofertele în valoare totală de peste două miliarde de euro, într-un cadru neconvenţional, şi anume într-un cort. "Lipsa unui spaţiu adecvat în Bucureşti ne-a forţat să preluăm modele de expoziţii europene outdoor şi a condus la apariţia unui eveniment adresat investitorilor şi cumpărătorilor de imobiliar organizat chiar în centrul Bucureştiului într-un pavilion expoziţional mobil", a spus Vlad Vlăsceanu, director tIMOn.

15 premiere imobiliare vor fi prezentate in cadrul acestei editii tIMOn, printre care si ansamblul Garden of Eden, proiectul Evocasa Selecta, Lake Towers Residences, Northwood Residence, Sun Valley, Moeciu Residence, Lotus Cişmigiu etc. Oferta imobiliară este alcătuită din 13.865 de apartamente, dintre care 60% sunt vândute, 769 de locuinţe de vacanţă, dintre care 25% sunt disponibile la vânzare, 1.456 de vile, dintre care mai sunt disponibile 35%, precum şi 372 de birouri individuale însumând 7.000 de metri pătraţi.

Cea mai ieftină locuinţă din cadrul târgului este o garsonieră în Saturn, parte din proiectul Black Sea View, care costă 32.900 de euro, fără TVA.

Cele mai ieftine garsoniere în Capitală sunt cele ale proiectului Bragadiru Lake Project, care costă 52.000 de euro. Cele mai ieftine apartamente de două camere au un preţ de început de 72.000 de euro. O altă premieră în cadrul evenimentului este aceea că persoanele fizice îşi vor putea vinde proprietăţile imobiliare. "Oferim şi posibilitatea persoanelor fizice de a-şi tranzacţiona proprietăţile oferindu-le un spaţiu unde îşi vor putea prezenta oferta", a mai spus Vlad Vlăsceanu.

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I have an inquiry an
Scris de Gwendoline pe 29-10-2015 10:14

I have an inquiry and I'm not sure if this is the right place to take it, but I don't know of awehnyre else. I am in my mid 20 s and for the past 10 years or so I have been actively putting myself into situations where I may experience something paranormal, but to no avail. About 5 years ago I met and fell in love with a girl that was very sensitive to things such as ghosts and had a strong history of this in her family. In the five years we have been together (living together for the past 4) she hasn't had a single experience while I'm awehnyre near her. I also have sensitive friends that have have never seen anything around me. This all leads to my question, if there are people in this world that are sensitive to the paranormal could the opposite also be true, that there are people that not only cannot sense things but also cancel out sensitive' people's sense of the paranormal?
I have been very sen
Scris de Maik pe 27-10-2015 19:34

I have been very sensitive to poplees energy all my life. In the past 3 years though I have been touched on numerous occasions as has my mom when staying with me recently.Sometimes the lights in my attic will turn on and off by themselves and I have seen it happen when no one else was home one evening standing talking to my neighbor across the street. My bedroom door opens and shuts or just moves back and fowards sometimes even though my door is very hard to push over a hump in my carpet. While watching tv in my living room one day a pipe for my heating started shaking and rattling violently like someone was shaking it, but when my husband tried to do the same thing he could not even budge the pipe. I have also been sitting in my living room and feel and hear a banging from the basement. These events are becoming more frequent.I want to find out what this is and what it wants from me. [url=]ffdltejyza[/url] [link=]bxewrzhtcd[/link]
When I was little. M
Scris de Junior pe 27-10-2015 13:33

When I was little. Maybe 4 or 5 I rebmemer seeing a women in my room just starring at me and I rebmemer screaming and my mom came into my room and then she turned into a shadow and my mom couldn't see it. That is the only thing I rebmemer happening to me until recently. My friend that I have become really close with in the past year and suddenly I start seeing things again she has told me about things that have happened to her in her house and if heard things in her house whenever I'm there. Footsteps and stuff doors opening and closing. And when me and my friend were at her house for a weekend by ourselves we were dying my hair and when we were washing it out in the kitchen sink and suddenly the lights turned off no one else was in the house. My friend was washing out my hair and we just turned them back on the light didn't just burn out. And the past few days in the corner of my eye I have seen a dark figure. So idk what this means. I would love to be able to communicate the people who have pasted but idk what is happening to me is it nothing just paranoia or what.
Hey Layla,Sounds lik
Scris de May pe 26-10-2015 00:33

Hey Layla,Sounds like you are sensitive, i am much the same when it comes to the fenleig of a place or house. I have had it nearly all my life and believe many have this gift as well but call it something else. Eg a detective calling it a hunch or a bad fenleig. Either way it is what i like to call a better sense of energy than in comparison to others. As for the voices you maybe more sensitive than most and are actually hearing echoes when people or pets pass away. Eg your cat passed away ( sorry about you cat by the way ) and you are still hearing the passing. Energy does linger for a while and so maybe you hear the lingering in a way of that energy. To eliminate other aspects you should have a doctors meeting to discuss. Most likely they will check you and you will be fine, most doctors do not know anything about the paranormal because they have the skeptics mind however they will be able to tell if there is an imbalance of some type. To me it is most likely a spiritual experience however i always like to be safe than sorry you know what i mean. Once you come back clear all round then you can go down the road of paranormal fully. Maybe you are becoming clairvoyant..? However what i recommend you do is start doing is start to write down your experiences, that way you can find patterns and those patterns can lead you to a more definite answer overall. Also speaking to another clairvoyant as well could really help as well.

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